About Us

Exience is a team of internationally experienced, strategic and
creatively-minded individuals, specialising in all aspects of retail design,
in-store marketing, display technologies and brand experiences...  
...with a big reputation for delivering smart experiential solutions.

Whether transforming or adding value to a store, brand communications or colleague environment we think like the customer, colleague or end user. Combined with insight, this is how we tune into the needs and emotional as well as rational decision-making process of our audience.


We live in an age where channel convenience and choice means the physical experience has to be even more compelling and engaging than ever – and delivering unique, exciting, distinctive and changeable experiences, a business imperative. Winning the customer’s minds as well as their wallets is when we know we’ve got it right!

Our practical and pragmatic creative approach does win us awards, but then, we’re not in business just to collect trophies. With a strong sense of the commercial and operational realities, positively impacting on the customer experience and our client’s bottom line is what really gives us the buzz!